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Aquathin PSS90

The AQUATHIN Demand "Subsink" unit, (Model PSS-90) is the most compact system on the market

AQUATHIN Model PSS-90 is easily installed and can be attached to your icemaker. The AQUATHIN PSS-90 has a 14, 4 or 2 gallon storage capacity and produces "salt-free" water for daily use. This unit removes salt, heavy metals, chemicals, pollutants, nitrates, pesticides and disease causing water borne micro-organisms. FOR THE BEST TASTE IN LIFE. A proprietary reverse osmosis-deionization process with the same component parts as the Kltchentop unit, and many features of the Platinum 90. Comes with a pressure demand assembly so you produce only what you need, then your AQUAIHIN turns off automatically.


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