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Series S

S Series is the series of industrial water filtering systems designed by Aquathin.




Thin Film Composite Membranes Auto Operation with Level Controls
FRP Pressure Vessels

Powder Coated Skid

FRP Refllter Housing Permeate and Concentrate Flowmeters
316 Stainless Steel fressure Gauges

Microprocessor Controller. Operating conditions are 

dsplayed on an LCD Display with:

316 Stainless Steel Low and High Ressure Switches

- Delayed Start-Up of High fressure Pump
316 Stainless Steel Back Ressure Regulator - Low and High Pressure Switch
Low and High R’essure Safeguards

- RO and Aixilary Pump Control Relays

- Product Water Quality TD6

Nickel-Alumlnum-Bronze High Pressure Pumps

- Permeate Dump

Pulsation Dampner - Membrane Permeate Flush at Each Shut-down
R’essure Relief Valve - RO Storage Tank Full and Low
Anti sealant Ejection - Pretreatment Lock Out
Auto Permeate Flush System with Tank, Pump & Controls  
Cleaning Ports  


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