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Series K

K Series is the series of industrial water filtering systems designed by Aquathin.




Thin Film Composite Membranes Cleaning Ports (2) Two Panel Switches For:
FRP Pressure Vessels Permeate Flowmeter - Auxiliary Output
Motor Actuated Feed Valve Concentrate Flowmeter enable/disable
Stainless Steel Centrifugal Rjmp Permeate TOS Display - System Power

Big Blue Filter for K-48B & K-68C,

SS Housing for Others

ROC 150D Microprocessor/Controller Five Indicator Lights:
Low Pressire Shut-Off Switch Automatically Controls: - On/Off
Auto Feed Shut-Off - Motorized Actuated Feed Valve - Backwash
Stainless Steel Flow Control - Delayed High ftessure Pump Start-Up - Tank Full
Feed Pressure Gauges (2) - Automatic Shut-Down at Tank Full - LP Fault
System Pressure Gauges (2) - Low or High Pressure fault Shut-Down - HP Fault
Powder Coated Frame - Pre-Treatment Lock-Out Hour Meter



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