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600 ASTF 2003

Aquathin 600+ASTF 2003 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System is a hybrid cross of the Models AquaShield 3000 Series, AquaKing, 600+24K.

The 600+ASTF2003 began as a prototype for deep jungle South African mining companies where clean water is scarce, minimal electricity available, harshest conditions. The 600+ASTF2003 integrates 75-5 micron spun polypropylene filters with choice of granular activated carbon filters, the AquaShield™ with Built In AquaShield™ Protection Filter positioned in high density filter housings, manual flush valve to remove potential plaque on membrane, high flow thin film composite reverse osmosis element automatic shut off, tap water pressure guage, on all aluminum anodized bracket to resist rust and corrosion, high impact resistane quick lode fittings. 100% chlorine, chloramine, organic removal including chemicals solvents-pesticides, 96-98% rejection of dissolved solids including heavy metals, radionuclides and 99.999% reduction of disease causing waterborne microorganisms.

The Aquathin 600+ASTF2003 produces up to 600 gallons per day and exceeds all other systems in its class with regard to quality and efficiency as indicated in the warranty. Aquathin also produces slightly smaller and significantly larger capacity models that are completely automated.

Aquathin Corporation entered into a Strategic Partnership with Gravitational Energy Corporation (GEC) of Akron, Ohio to apply Aquathin RO and AquaShield systems through the Aquathin Dealer network, to GEC's innovative almost self perpetuating pump and generator. GEC has developed a "breakthrough" technology that can help millions of people in disaster relief, 3rd world nations, in-field military for drinking and irrigation, areas without readily available electrical supply. GEC is producing a hand-operated pumping machine called the Feltenberger Pendulum Pump. This machine uses the force of gravity to help provide the input power to pump and purify water. Called "Gravity Assisted Power", it is much easier to operate, pumping more water than any other hand-operated pumping process.


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